I'm being haunted *not clickbait*
Daisy Marquez
you're going to wish this was clickbait...

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  • messy marley
    messy marley

    Dear god please block any of the evil that comes through this video. Please bless Daisy and any watchers amen.

    • Playboiglo


    • Hopeilelagi Tasi
      Hopeilelagi Tasi


    • Zamyia Love
      Zamyia Love


    • Tiffany Shawnté
      Tiffany Shawnté

      Amen 🙏🏽

    • f4iry._.g@rd3n


  • ヤヤ🧸

    Everybody gangsta til we watch a scary video and start praying to god😭😂

    • hailey suarez
      hailey suarez

      Gangsta 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

    • Lena Rios
      Lena Rios


    • harbor clooten
      harbor clooten

      PLEASEEE 😭😭

    • CoopyKat

      Everybody who is STUPID will believe in ghosts or anything a green-haired narcissistic MORON will tell you!

    • paul lumwagi
      paul lumwagi


  • slushilie

    Going into the comments to see everyone praying made me lose my mind

    • Lele Nicole
      Lele Nicole


    • Kat

      Same. For people asking "why?", since it's good that they're praying - yes, it's good. But a lot of people are using it for likes. Also, not a big chance of you getting haunted for this, so making a _comment_ on praying is insanely pointless. Just actually pray; 'praying' in a comment isn't putting your heart all to it. So, it's basically just immature.

    • Babyboo. Jeilyce
      Babyboo. Jeilyce

      Amen 🙏🏼



    • hannah

      lol i just did it for the jokes and my comment got 6.6k likes

  • Natalie

    when the whole comment section turns into a church

    • Hungry Llama
      Hungry Llama

      It's actually painful how true this is 😭😭😂

    • Euge Tarot
      Euge Tarot


    • Lena Rios
      Lena Rios


    • Fadumo Mohamed
      Fadumo Mohamed


    • Prachi Bisht
      Prachi Bisht


  • baileywalsh99

    anyone check the comments to see if anyone saw anything move but everyone's just praying

    • Shri Krishna
      Shri Krishna

      @HuevosConchorizo ita just a fly lol

    • Fikile Dlamini
      Fikile Dlamini


    • Aysha Rais
      Aysha Rais

      @HuevosConchorizo it's just a fly or mosquito 🤣🤣🤣

    • alex

      iHateBurgers omg I see it at the bottom left 😭

    • mkkk xx
      mkkk xx

      omg as i read that i was gonna turn around to get my phone and toilet paper that was standing perfectly fine just fell eth

  • hannah

    Heavenly Father please protect me and everyone else watching this video, Amen.

    • Carla Riis
      Carla Riis


    • Sofia Higuera
      Sofia Higuera


    • Sari Anwar
      Sari Anwar

      Ask Allah Almighty for protection because He(S.W.T) is the only Lord

    • 𝐶ℎ𝑎𝑟𝑙𝑜𝑡𝑡𝑒 ❣︎
      𝐶ℎ𝑎𝑟𝑙𝑜𝑡𝑡𝑒 ❣︎

      Amen x

    • ur mom😆‼️.
      ur mom😆‼️.

      amen .

  • Ikran Ismail
    Ikran Ismail

    Literally nobody:me counting the shoes behind her

    • Naiza Dhoble
      Naiza Dhoble

      not me using multiplication method😂

    • Sonja Muniz
      Sonja Muniz


    • destinyy


    • America_games Martinez
      America_games Martinez


    • Josellyn Aguilera
      Josellyn Aguilera

      Wow you took your time 😂

  • Sara Khider
    Sara Khider

    *Daisy freaking out about the fact that she just heard someone say "it is"* Me seeing this vid in 2020: It iz what it izzz

    • Robert Garcia
      Robert Garcia

      2021 now

    • nails.bytincy

      @Noor 😂💜

    • Noor

      IT IZZ WHAT IT IZZ 😌✌🏽

  • Vianna Moody
    Vianna Moody

    this is crazyyyyyy. stay safe !! sending prayers your way omg.

  • вяυтαℓ

    When she said 13th floor I said: “OH HELL NAWWWWWWW

    • Katya 2867
      Katya 2867


    • Tessa Eberhardt
      Tessa Eberhardt


    • lexi _yaya
      lexi _yaya

      FRIDAY THE 13th

    • Overstrezzed

      Friday the 13th

  • Aja Faith
    Aja Faith

    lord protect everyone and keep any negativity energy away from our homes while watching this video 🙏🏾

    • Foxesred2


    • Ana Ramirez
      Ana Ramirez

      Amén 🙏🏻

    • OXO Precious
      OXO Precious

      Amen 🙏🏾

    • Kate Mnwn
      Kate Mnwn

      Aja Faith ty

    • dixbliaa


  • Victoria Louise
    Victoria Louise

    At 25:25 I literally feel your anxiety. I'm so sorry this is happening to you girly

  • Edenilson Cuellar
    Edenilson Cuellar

    God protect me and everyone else from these evil spirits and to hope no one experiences it ever again!

  • DreamDoll

    When she said that she had no neighbors, I started getting scared 😱

  • shurondaanciso

    Who else felt the chills when u saw her face when she found the pic 😭😭😭😟😟🥺🥺😳😳😳😳😳🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

    • Sky Wonder
      Sky Wonder

      I had to pause it and turn on the light and pray for whatever she was gonna say next 😭

    • alyiah

      My eyes got watery! I was about to cry!

    • 8322 suhana Gulati
      8322 suhana Gulati


  • Elitemigo404

    I’m tryna figure out how you have the balls to record with your back turned the whole time

    • 무!

      She is recording on her iPhone camera so Def can see her background

    • Patrisha NotPatricia
      Patrisha NotPatricia

      With the door open too

    • EllieLouise18

      Elitemigo404 was thinking that paha

    • Nam Tiddies
      Nam Tiddies

      OMG IKR

    • Adele Rose
      Adele Rose

      Elitemigo404 yeeee and with the door open too

  • Leo Gaming
    Leo Gaming

    I know it's 2020 but I just watched this video so here is a prayer for Daisy and the watchers that watched it in the pass and the people that watched a few days ago or today. Dear lord, please bless all the people that watched this video and bless Daisy and keep her protected and the rest of us AMEN.🙏🙏🙏

  • shreya Bhuiya
    shreya Bhuiya

    Dude how can u even film about all these creepy stuff in your haunted apartment?.

    • Marina

      Some people do it for evidence in case they need some kind of prayer or help from whatever fits into their Believes or religion

    • Lila Young
      Lila Young

      I would of done it in my new apartment

    • Rishabh Kashyap
      Rishabh Kashyap

      This is just a toned down cheaper but more detailed version of tana mongeau's paranormal storytime

    • Sharanya

      Exactly my thoughts 😭

  • Mimi Snyder
    Mimi Snyder

    Hey Daisy , just letting you know that the picture behind you on film which I believe is you, gives me the worst of energy like something bad is attached to it. If I was you I would get rid of it.

  • Trix

    No one: Not a single soul: People in the comments:lord pls pray for me!!!!!!

    • Preussen 06
      Preussen 06

      @Sᴀᴍᴀɴᴛʜᴀ Fᴇʟɪx you cannot disrespect something that doesn't exist

    • Sofia Souza
      Sofia Souza

      Lol 😂

    • gracey bacey
      gracey bacey

      @Sᴀᴍᴀɴᴛʜᴀ Fᴇʟɪx how?

    • gracey bacey
      gracey bacey


    • xeni the crying genie
      xeni the crying genie


  • Shurog 1
    Shurog 1

    She has some balls filming this at her apartment 😭

    • [ P O R T A L ]
      [ P O R T A L ]

      @Diana For real! 😭😂😭😂 Far the hell away.

    • [ P O R T A L ]
      [ P O R T A L ]

      @diana r 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭

    • Diana

      I’d be filming at a Starbucks or something

    • Crumb Reth
      Crumb Reth

      Places can be haunted but demons can attach themselves to people and when that happens it doesn't matter where that person goes the demon will follow.

    • Crumb Reth
      Crumb Reth

      It doesn't matter where she goes. Spirits attach to people not places. Also objects can be cursed.

  • Moist Water
    Moist Water

    How could she film this in the same place everything happend so brave 😧❤️

  • Poppy LOLLL
    Poppy LOLLL

    “No one is gonna walk all the way to the 13th floor” Um well 13th floor that explains a lot. 😳 Praying for you ❤️🙏

  • firdaus 2003
    firdaus 2003

    Ya Allah please protect us from the devil and his intentions

    • XXX factor
      XXX factor


    • Ryder Anwar
      Ryder Anwar


    • Shaza Adel
      Shaza Adel


    • Rimaz Mustafa
      Rimaz Mustafa


    • Najam Ahmed Butt
      Najam Ahmed Butt

      Allah ka shuker hay key koi Muslim mila

  • Yeison Ordoñez
    Yeison Ordoñez

    I'm also being hunted and it feels like I'm inside a movie... It's just impressive

  • samantha carolan
    samantha carolan

    lord heavenly father protect me from evil after watching this video 🙏🏽

    • delilah valdez
      delilah valdez


    • GalactiumBee


    • shaylyn


    • yaris


    • ken

      samantha carolan Amen

  • Desiree Arrieta
    Desiree Arrieta

    Girl That’s So Scary . I am glad you moved out of that Apartment. Let me know if you ever need anything!

  • Heidi Rodriguez
    Heidi Rodriguez

    I’m surprised with how she had the guts to record the video in the apartment.

  • Snow

    God protect me from evil before and after watching this video! amen

    • Biviana Garcia
      Biviana Garcia



    I haven't seen any of your other videos before but I hope that you're doing better in terms of this paranormal shit. Your story seems very believable, and I certainly wouldn't have been as brave to film this video twice in said haunted apartment.

  • Sofia Jurado
    Sofia Jurado

    I remember watching these videos when they came out and everytime I ended up falling asleep and getting sleep paralysis.

  • Trash01

    These stuff used to happen in my old family apartment. We moved out few years ago. Sometimes we would hear marbles bouncing from upstair even though no one live upstairs. Not only that my neighbor in front of me got this shrine and it was just very creepy especially at night

  • Samharry1102

    The more you show fear the worst the activity will get hope this helps ♥️

  • WWE AvoCado
    WWE AvoCado

    I hope that you are safe! And your doing very well.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Eden Krause
    Eden Krause

    "After this video, im not gonna talk about this again" First thing on the reccomended list: im STILL being haunted pt.2

    • Stella monika11
      Stella monika11

      Time stamp?

    • DaHoodMona Lisa
      DaHoodMona Lisa

      Like... Why are you STILL there? Lol

    • Sessions with Hope
      Sessions with Hope


    • Kawaii gatchas
      Kawaii gatchas

      Eden Krause lol ikr

    • Ftceghion Owam
      Ftceghion Owam

      Eden Krause 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • yellowboxes09

    My ex experienced “someone” floating above him and blowing in his face too! I used to hear demonic voices and a mans voice in my ear telling me to wake up. Ugh, the memories.

  • Chelsie Coryell
    Chelsie Coryell

    This is crazy. My cousin took a photo just like that and when I saw it I was really young. I had completely forgotten about it until I saw this picture because the faces are nearly identical.

  • it’s des
    it’s des

    but off topic, you’re really beautiful and it’s kinda giving me comfort while I listen to this lol. I’m a libra too so I understand wholeheartedly, the situation never ends in my mind. Other thinking is an under statement.

  • Whitney Blockman
    Whitney Blockman

    “I’m a Libra I overthink everything” FELT.

    • Sadin Alkhatib
      Sadin Alkhatib

      As I read this she was saying it 😳

    • Sheela Singh
      Sheela Singh

      Me too dear

  • Gracie Karafili
    Gracie Karafili

    *Shane Dawson and his crew need to come here and investigate with you one last time*

    • Jannely

      A collab

    • Luisa Pena
      Luisa Pena


    • Alma Arteaga
      Alma Arteaga

      Yess Shane dawson

    • Camille Zamora
      Camille Zamora

      i’m for this!

    • iLSE 💖
      iLSE 💖

      Omg yesssss 🤭😭

  • Mel Torres
    Mel Torres

    God please protect me and everyone watching this video and protect us from any negative spirits in the name of Jesus Christ amen .

    • txs Chris
      txs Chris

      Amen 🙏🏼

    • f4iry._.g@rd3n


  • Mary Duff
    Mary Duff

    You're not crazy sweety I've taken photos and had orbs appear, I've had my name called when I was the only person home. Just breath. Acknowledge their presence and give them boundaries or rules.

  • 360 Xx
    360 Xx

    Idk if this is still a problem or if there are comments about this(I’m watching this in quarantine) but the more fear and panic that you emit the stronger the spirits are going to get and the more they’re gonna want to mess with you because they know they can

  • sikebratz

    No one: Literally no one: Me: you can’t “turn off” a candle.

    • Ortiz María
      Ortiz María

      @Petras LT nah she is talking about a normal candel cuz she said the wax went down

    • Kilee's World
      Kilee's World

      Well it might be bc she is so freaked out that sometimes you mess up words it happeneds to me

    • Petras LT
      Petras LT


    • Petras LT
      Petras LT

      I think she meant a electric candle, you knoe these turning on and off

    • honeyy

      omg samee

  • Fatima Ingar
    Fatima Ingar

    You can sense the fear in her eyes and voice.

  • Chelly M
    Chelly M

    My plate fell showing my gma this video . Y’all stay safe watching this. May God be with all of us & her .

  • avery

    just letting y’all know that a mortuary is like a funeral home

    • katphobic


  • Nayzeth Guti
    Nayzeth Guti

    Dios protégenos y a Daisy. We love you so much and I hope now in December 2019 you’re doing better . God protect us from all the spirits from the video.

  • Jonathan

    Bro I started watching these vids when they came out and now I see your finally popping as you should be 😍

  • Sli ᵗᵛ
    Sli ᵗᵛ

    So sad how she’s so paranoid throughout the whole video 😢

    • Zoé Bradshaw
      Zoé Bradshaw

      Ikr. I feel for her.

    • Amaiah Rivera
      Amaiah Rivera

      ImportëdtoSin IKR

    • mirrakul ross
      mirrakul ross


  • maya soriano
    maya soriano

    father please protect me and anyone else from the evil that haunts daisy, thank you

  • Bubbles Bubbles
    Bubbles Bubbles

    God please protect me, Daisy and everyone who watched this video from all evil. 🙏🏻

  • Marie forfizzclass
    Marie forfizzclass

    I felt like i was being watched while watching this in my room

    • •.°Angela°.•

      I have teady's staring into my soul.... Help😭✋

    • IsItVonORVal

      Saaaame. I turned around 😭

  • Season Black
    Season Black

    I like how she get so detailed about her door and says "no bitch" lol helps keep me calm

  • Jazmine Cleto
    Jazmine Cleto

    God please protect me and everyone that is watching this 🙏

    • Applejuice


    • f4iry._.g@rd3n


    • Jackie Vazquez
      Jackie Vazquez

      Amen 🙏

    • Maria Verdeș
      Maria Verdeș


    • Astra Muižniece
      Astra Muižniece


  • Patrycja Zdunek
    Patrycja Zdunek

    the more you radiate fear the more these spirits will act out, keep your mind clear and positive and cleanse your apartment. it’s only gonna get worse if you act in fear constantly.

  • JaneJane

    I can’t stop glancing at her door in the background 😭 .. Ps. Anyone else going through the same thing..use salt and sprinkle it around your doorways, windows and hallways. Guarantee this will help.

  • wAleh

    Things like this happen to me every day and I'm afraid

  • Thahia Ali
    Thahia Ali

    READ THIS BEFORE YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! She said on her part 2 of the update of this video, that people experienced the same thing about the spirit after watching this video!! So you might wanna be careful

  • Yasmin Garcia-Angel
    Yasmin Garcia-Angel

    Sometimes people secretly hate you and they give gifts with bad energy/demons attached to it. Throw away anything anyone has gifted you since you moved in especially if it's religious. Even if you move "it" will follow you became you still own the gift. It could really be anything from the smallest to the biggest thing. If you keep talking and thinking about it the more it will happen. Also things like this happen when you're getting closer to God, the entity will do things to make you stray from God.

    • •h e l l o•
      •h e l l o•

      I have heard that before And im starting to think its true

    • Kimberly Deveaux
      Kimberly Deveaux

      Mazapan De la Rosa true

    • Jennifer Delgado
      Jennifer Delgado

      @BabyLove lol girl wtf

    • cesarsvanity

      Wait do u think it is the painting

    • Alina_purple 10
      Alina_purple 10

      I learned some of this from MylifeasEva

  • Blink Love
    Blink Love

    God please protect from anything evil that could come from this video amen

    • Anxiety queen
      Anxiety queen

      Amen🙏 jai hanuman

    • Avantika Sanyal
      Avantika Sanyal

      Blink!! Anneyong!

  • Vallerie Espinoza
    Vallerie Espinoza

    I was so scared 😱 watching this like me family was in the other room and I was by myself and I was so scared I stoped watching 🤭it until my sister can I Into the room with me ☠️💀I was like 3 minuets in and I started getting to scared. Like the way she was saying everything make it even more scary and you could hear how scared she was in the way she was talking OMG 😞😞😕I’m so happy the daisy moved out of there and into a safe place. But I’m watching this 11 months after it came out and then I saw that she made 2 more videos 😩😩about this I just started felling really sad for her like she had to go through all of that . I hope everything is better and that nothing else happens to you again 💖

  • Amy x
    Amy x

    Can I just say.. when you sad that air blew in your face it scared the living daylights out of me because when it was summer, I was lying in bed and air just blew in my face like a fan was being held above my face..

  • Sharon Evans
    Sharon Evans

    Bless her and us 🙏🏼💗

  • you see me everywhere
    you see me everywhere

    Am I the only one who reads the comments section when am lowkey scared

    • Unbiased Opinion
      Unbiased Opinion


    • Alicia' world
      Alicia' world

      you see me everywhere, I do that too

    • Thravant Patel
      Thravant Patel

      you see me everywhere I am 10

    • Thravant Patel
      Thravant Patel

      you see me everywhere yep

    • Jolett R
      Jolett R

      you see me everywhere nope me too

  • Sh33zyTv

    I experienced a lot if hauntings.in my life and the thing i experienced the most was my ear being cuffed. Kinda like what you were trying to explain when you heard the voice in your house... its kinda like only you can hear it even if you had 10 people in the room

  • Lazy Kittens
    Lazy Kittens

    God please make sure everyone watching this video is okay and dose not get possessed

  • shathurshini murugappan
    shathurshini murugappan

    lord protect everyone and keep any negativity energy away from our homes while watching this video

  • cozyxsims

    my house is haunted, and I’m so used to stuff happening so I’m not really scared of it ya know, but I’m telling you if I get dragged out of my bed I’m moving out .period.

  • jessica smith
    jessica smith

    i usually never watch sit down videos because they’re boring , but i love this

    • Shynice Richardson
      Shynice Richardson


    • Zoe Pockpas
      Zoe Pockpas

      So u watch standing up videos

  • equestrian ocean
    equestrian ocean

    This gave me the chills I wanted to watch it because I like scary but when u showed the photo with ur friend in it that gave me the chills then I look to the left and BANG I see a ghost 😥😥😥

    • IsItVonORVal

      Can only you see the ghost?

  • Val Rivera
    Val Rivera

    Lord protect me and everyone around me after watching this video. Protect me from any evil and negative things wanting to infiltrate my life

  • cherry

    Oh. My. God. The painting of you gives me such a strange energy. I got the uneasy vibe from it.

    • ayah ._.06
      ayah ._.06

      @kaelyn twist oh ok I honestly got vibes from the picture with the eyelashes

    • kaelyn twist
      kaelyn twist

      Around 25 minutes in, the painting of the girl

    • ayah ._.06
      ayah ._.06

      Which picture?

  • xiaoting's wife
    xiaoting's wife

    in our apartment buildings we dont even have a 13th floor, it's straight 12 & 14 which somehow makes me feel safe + our society is based on a graveyard-

  • 123

    No one : The painting: 👁👄👁

    • Jen smith
      Jen smith


    • slay gang
      slay gang

      I tried so hard to not to laugh my nose started to hurt

    • Bougie Avakins
      Bougie Avakins

      Omg yes when she bent over to get the picture it was scary and it made my heart droppp 😢it’s just staring

    • ✧•*. rosanna .*•✧
      ✧•*. rosanna .*•✧


    • XCIMLINN _
      XCIMLINN _


  • father carrie
    father carrie

    praying 4 you luv

  • Amairany Leon Vital
    Amairany Leon Vital

    You know what happened...I was always waking up at the same time around 8 am and one day I got tired of it and I got up from the sleep paralysis

  • Candice T
    Candice T

    Watching because its near halloween and im tryna hear scary storytimes! LOL

  • McLynn

    Lord protect me from evil after watching this 👏🏻

  • Denise Moreno
    Denise Moreno

    This was scarier than ACTUAL channels that make paranormal activity videos . 😭 Love you Daisy que Dios te acompañe a dónde sea que vayas. 💕

    • Grisel Rivera
      Grisel Rivera

      Que dios te cuide y te acompañe en todo momento

    • Vegana Fit
      Vegana Fit

      Seidy Moreno yes god bless her ! No one should go through this.

  • Kauri Wilson
    Kauri Wilson

    I found you again and i love horror films ❤ you are cool

  • vanessa fossi
    vanessa fossi

    i dont know how youtubers can film these types of videos with a full room behind them i could never.

  • Its_me_hailey 2
    Its_me_hailey 2

    Dear god, please protect me and all these other beautiful people watching this video block all of the evil coming through this video please protect Daisy and also all her friends and witnesses amen! 🙏🏻

  • Marleny De Dios
    Marleny De Dios

    anyone rewatching this in 2021 yet still hiding in the comments for comfort :)

  • j -
    j -

    when she moved and the picture behind her was shown on camera, I immediately felt a pit in my stomach. Dude, I can’t even look at it 😂 bad vibessss

    • Jay

      Oh my god wtf when I first saw the picture I felt a pit in my stomach to I'm not even lying bro that's a sign

    • jesy Jamaica nailsalon
      jesy Jamaica nailsalon

      IKR I felt literally sick 🤢

    • Kaitlynn Dominguez
      Kaitlynn Dominguez

      I did as well.

    • Jayla Shey
      Jayla Shey

      When she bent down to pic the Polaroid up I literally jumped lmao. Idk if it just looks creepy... or feels creepy😳

    • _MoonLightGlam

      omg me too I looked away really fast n felt like my heart dropped

  • Wojtiex

    God please protect me and everyone else watching this video, Amen

    • Zamyia Love
      Zamyia Love


    • Maria Verdeș
      Maria Verdeș


  • Nessa

    I’m regretting watching this at night😭! God please protect me🙏🏻

  • Malika Hussain
    Malika Hussain

    From 25:10 you can see a dark figure right behind her through those doors look closely 😧😧

  • Elysia Monique
    Elysia Monique

    Getting mad chills watching this . 😭

  • brewskie

    When I tried to skip ahead to see the painting, a tik tok ad played... That thing IS haunted

    • Sessions with Hope
      Sessions with Hope


    • earth2nylan


    • Bare for tull
      Bare for tull

      @Aimee Redford GHOST BUSTERS

    • Omnia

      Kenya B Has

    • Megan Ripoli
      Megan Ripoli

      That exact thing happened to me.

  • cess

    when she said “im a libra, i overthink everything” I FELT THAT LMAO

  • Shane martin
    Shane martin

    Boy: it is it is * whispers * Me: * thinking * it is what it is

    • Ellie Sadiq
      Ellie Sadiq


  • Nikki Nikki
    Nikki Nikki

    Something also slapped me in the face one time when I was sleeping. I was so shocked. I have expirienced a lot too. 🥺

  • Vivi Avakin
    Vivi Avakin

    I Love The “Sound Effects” Shes Making 😂💕 mAy god protect you :)

  • LoneWolf FPV
    LoneWolf FPV

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  • •Kaylanothere•

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    Ayrika Nicole Rose

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      slay gang

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    A. Riggs

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