Daisy Marquez
It's my birthday!!! Today I'm bringing you a 2 Hour Birthday Makeup Tutorial & Transformation. Get ready with me in this chit chat GRWM for this birthday glam makeup look! Hope ya'll enjoy this happy birthday make up look and don't forget to enter my giveaway at the end!!💜

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ARTIST COUTURE - daisymarquez

►Music: Epidemic Sound
►Camera Canon 70D

Thank you so much for watching, I love you flowers🌼💞

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  • Daisy Marquez
    Daisy Marquez

    thumbs up for my busted lip 😂😭

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      TharaniDN TV

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    • Mia Lovo
      Mia Lovo

      @courtney l9p0p9

    • Kari Salas
      Kari Salas

      Daisy Marquez ya puedes arreglar a tu mamá ❤️

    • Jennifer Delgado
      Jennifer Delgado

      @Isabella Garcia try buying it off Reddit makeupexchange everything like 50% there.

    • Angela Espinoza
      Angela Espinoza

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAISY!! I feel you on that busted lip. I busted my lip the day I had to get my pictures taken for my quince🙄. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL😍 stay amazing 😘🥰 P.S. It’s said that our signs are very compatible ARIES♈️💟

  • honey

    I love how she’s so open about her current situation and her family. It really is the struggle that many people have to go through and I feel like it’s not talked about enough.

  • Ruby Contreras
    Ruby Contreras

    I love how you’re so open about you mom and your living situations and it’s even cuter how you say you’d drop anything in a heartbeat for her 🥺❤️ May your heart stay for ever pure

  • Selina Valdez
    Selina Valdez

    Happy birthday! Love watching you just grow with us! So proud of you! ♈ Aries❤🔥

  • Gabriella Trejo
    Gabriella Trejo

    Loved your birthday Theme!!!! Happy belated birthday!!!! Just started watching you and you’re amazing ❤️ Scorpio ♏️


    Girl u are amazing!!! Don't ever change💜 Love u Daisy✨ ♓️

  • Amalia Garcia
    Amalia Garcia

    As a Latina I totally understand the whole immigration thing sis, glad everything went great. Happy Birthday y que cumplas muchos muchos más! I’m a Sagittarius 💓

  • Dana

    Love you doll!!! You glow so much every bday!!! Libra ♎️

  • Marisol

    Similar situation happened to me this year I was going to walk the stage in Lubbock,Tx and I was so excited for my parents to come and see me walk the stage but the same fear took over and unfortunately I decided not to walk but am glad your mom was by your side we are all so proud of you! 💜

  • Evelyn Lopez
    Evelyn Lopez

    I recently started watching your videos and I love how open you are ❤️

  • Kaitlin Knopp
    Kaitlin Knopp

    Aries ♈️ Love you so much girl. You slayyyyed on your birthday. Hope it was just as wonderful as you are 😘

  • Elizabeth Ramirez
    Elizabeth Ramirez

    I got so emotional when she started speaking about her mom 😭 I relate so much to her... I would drop anything and everything for my mom 💕 btw I’m a virgo ♍️🖤

    • Angeles Rizo
      Angeles Rizo

      Same :(

    • khembrael n
      khembrael n

      Elizabeth Ramirez same i’m a virgo too 9/5❤️

  • Maria Gabriela
    Maria Gabriela

    I feel you so much on immigration. Always have looked up to your motivation. Stay proud of being Latina and where u come from. You have encouraged me to continue fighting through DACA struggles, hopefully one day these injustices stop. Btw you look soooo beautiful Daisy ! 💙☺️

  • Jasmine Pena
    Jasmine Pena

    Happy late birthday!! So glad your mom was able to go and see how successful you have become! ❤Taurus ♉

  • Makeup by BossLizbeth
    Makeup by BossLizbeth

    So in love with the makeup look you looked gorgeous! #pisces♓️

  • chryssa handis
    chryssa handis

    when you talked about your mom and the whole immigration thing i started to get emotional.. but im happy nothing bad happened

    • it’s jocelyn
      it’s jocelyn

      Twins I am too

  • Jennifer Salmeron
    Jennifer Salmeron

    C’MONNN MARQUEZ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 happy belated birthday girl! 22 never looked so good 🔥😍 i’m a libra ♎️

  • Diana

    Daisy it would be appreciated if you would do more looks using your palette! 💕

  • SimplyShayy

    Happy birthday beautiful!!!!! Ayyyye !! I love this look and let me just say you are crazy for going through the pain to recreate the look for us! Lol you the real MVP! Haha #VIRGO!! #Sept 3 :):):)

  • Noura Nafea
    Noura Nafea

    Omg when u talked about your mom I actually started to cryyy I’m so happy u brought that to light bc no one really understands how serious that is, I’m sorry u had to go through that :(( on a happy note tho girllllllll I’m so happy that u had funnnnn and got lit asffff🎉🎉🎉 Libra babyyyyy 🥂🎉

  • sophia xo
    sophia xo

    “Patron literally gets me a whole different type of drunk” girl same 😩 can’t do it😂 Glad you had a poppin birthday love, cheers to you❣️ Aquarius ♒️😇

  • Taylor Lezard
    Taylor Lezard

    When Daisy said “The shots started tasting like water” I FELT THAT. MY FRIENDS FELT THAT. ❣️😂 Capricorn♑️

  • Arely Gutierrez
    Arely Gutierrez

    I love this look sm!! ♊️♊️

  • Esme Paz
    Esme Paz

    Love this look!! ❤️❤️ Virgo

  • Debbie Seca
    Debbie Seca

    No question Just want to say I’m so proud of you 🥰

  • Ciara Elias
    Ciara Elias

    Happy Belated birthday beautiful i love this gorgeous loook! LEO♌

  • Denisse Santiago
    Denisse Santiago

    Love how Daisy is open about immigration and how it affects her family. 😭💗

  • Sophia Ruiz
    Sophia Ruiz

    i love this eyeshadow look!!!

  • Keyaira Britt
    Keyaira Britt

    Bishh this is the definition of beauty is pain lmfao love love LOVE THE LOOK! I am a proud CAPRICORN!

  • Natali Nava
    Natali Nava

    I loved your birthday outfits ! ♐️ Sagittarius

  • Michelle Salmón
    Michelle Salmón

    I am so happy and thankful that I got to meet you bby girl! You will always be welcomed here in San Diego. I am so sorry that your mom had to go through those thoughts. Even though San Diego is a borderland city, immigration officers are not really seen. I am happy that she decided to come and see you glow. Btw I’m a Scorpio💜

  • Katrina Cook
    Katrina Cook

    When the brow pencil broke 😂 I’m a Taurus ♉️ Much love to you Daisy & keep the hard work up you’ve come so far yet so much more will come your way. Happy Birthday love ❤️

  • Cary Escobedo
    Cary Escobedo

    Love the makeup look 😍. I love the way you do your makeup 😍😍😍 always looking 🔥! Aries ♈

  • RuKi127

    that was so pretty wanna try it for a wedding so cute! Saggitarius gang!!! :D

  • Rubyyy

    22 and already accomplished so much really a remodel to young latinas 🥰🥰 Libra ♎️

  • Francis Valadez
    Francis Valadez

    First of all Happy birthday to u girl...u r so beautiful....u deserve everything especially after all u been through...i love this makeup look...i will try to recreate this...im a Capricorn♑

  • Kaitlin Nicole
    Kaitlin Nicole

    I love how real and raw your were with the whole situation involving your mom. Not many people want to talk about anything like that on youtube let alone in general period. This is why you’re one of my favs!🥰😜 VIRGOOOOO💖

  • Christine Saavedra
    Christine Saavedra

    So beautiful 💕 you birthday outfits were BOMB ! ♋️ cancer

  • Catalina Jimenez
    Catalina Jimenez

    Love you and this makeup look 💙🙌🏼 Taurus ♉️

  • NIA

    Love your look girly Tauro ♉️ ! 😊

  • Lauren Moore
    Lauren Moore

    Hope you had a great birthday! I’m 22 tomorrow, taking inspiration from your vid!

  • Joselyn Lascares B
    Joselyn Lascares B

    omg i cried in the beginning i could relate to what you was going through I’m always so scared to step outside with my family because of immigration but head high always ! 💗 #LEOGANG

  • Aleyia Rivas
    Aleyia Rivas

    Love this definitely going to recreate♥️♥️ ♓️ Pisces ♓️

  • c Br
    c Br

    So glad seeing you grow💕 Leo ♌️

  • Ashley Rivera
    Ashley Rivera

    I love your birthday make up look ❤️ Gemini ♊️

  • lesliexo Zamora
    lesliexo Zamora

    “A little familia Peluche moment” 😂 You look so pretty for your birthday😍 Leo ♌️

  • Andrea Santos
    Andrea Santos

    Acuario ♒️ Ame este Estilo de maquillaje 💕🥳 happy late birthday

  • Suhi R
    Suhi R

    Om. When you went over your beauty mark 😂... and by the way, this look is absolute fire. It suits any occasion. Aries.

  • Affy B
    Affy B

    Such a beautiful look😍😍 Leo ♌️

  • Pamela St. John
    Pamela St. John


  • Michelle Chapa
    Michelle Chapa

    Happy birthday beautiful!! Love you 😍 I’m a Leo ♌️

  • Vanesa Mendoza
    Vanesa Mendoza


  • Leilani Lopez
    Leilani Lopez

    I am a Virgo !! Girl I been with you since the beginning !! 😭 but your pallet is so beautiful and I would really want one for my collection 😭

  • Angelica Marie
    Angelica Marie

    I work for Lancôme & use that powder for the same thing, glad you love it boo ❤️ Oct 3 ♎️

  • Lenny Bonilla
    Lenny Bonilla

    SAGITTARIUS BABY!!! glad that you had an amazing birthday and I hope that everything will heal quickly luv💞

  • Alison Nicolas
    Alison Nicolas

    I swear you always make me laugh in your videos 😂 Sagittarius ♐️

  • Ruby Aragon
    Ruby Aragon

    Your skin is so perfect my queen😍

  • Alondra Torres
    Alondra Torres

    Omggg we’re all growing with you that’s so cute! 😭❤️ ♉️ Taurus

  • Lunaa

    This whole intro is a MOOD 💀 literally me whenever I start a convo with my besties loll Taurus ♉️

  • medina


  • Ambika Krishnan
    Ambika Krishnan

    Oooh I'm a Virgo too sis!!! That cusp is where it's at lmao😂 hope you had an amazing birthday, flower🥰🌸

  • Tiana Alyssa Flor
    Tiana Alyssa Flor

    I'm a virgo ♍️ This is such a beautiful look, I'm obsessed 💕💕💕💕😘

  • Stephanie Chavez
    Stephanie Chavez

    Dang that looks so good! Happy Birthday!!! I didn’t know you were only 22! 😍 -Pisces ♓️

  • Crystal Rivera
    Crystal Rivera

    Sagittarius 💕 you’re so funny! First video I see and I loved all of it👌🏻🙌🏻

  • Lorena Hernandez
    Lorena Hernandez

    Me encanta! Taurus ♉️ 🤗

  • Karina Gonzalez
    Karina Gonzalez

    ♋️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ur so pretty OMG! Eres una hermosura 😘🥳🥳🥳

  • Candy&cookidzzzz

    The part where you were talking about your mom made me tear up a little 😢 And I’m a Leo ♌️ 💗💗

    • pretty parasite
      pretty parasite

      I knows x nope

    • carolina Juarez
      carolina Juarez

      so her mom doesn’t have papers ???!

    • Brigitte Espinoza
      Brigitte Espinoza

      Girl same specially because I felt her fear😢my sad was deported a year ago and it was the hardest thing ever🥺

    • Makayla Cuenca
      Makayla Cuenca

      Melinda Cass 3:00

    • Clau Herrera
      Clau Herrera

      Laura XX what min?

  • Daniela

    Omg you covered it up so good tho!! ♉️ Taurus

  • Isabel Hernandez
    Isabel Hernandez

    You are so pretty !! 💗💗💗

  • Sofi XO
    Sofi XO

    You looked so snatched on your bday!! AQUARIUS HERE ♒️

  • Xo Marceee
    Xo Marceee

    I like how you expressed about your mommy❤️ much love / Virgo ♍️

  • Katia Santiago
    Katia Santiago

    Omg I Love the familia peluche bday theme! Happy belated birthday by the way!! You’re always popping girl💖 I’m a Sagittarius ♐️🙃

  • Juliette Theriault
    Juliette Theriault

    Libra ♎️ ♎️♎️♎️ahhhhhhh. Happy birthday daisyyy. A true beauty even with a busted lip 😭❤️

  • Stephanie Villalobos
    Stephanie Villalobos

    Happy Belated Birthday beautiful! ❤️ Scorpio ♏️ Sun, heyyyy!

  • Angela Bryanna
    Angela Bryanna

    Happy Birthday Daisy ❤️

  • Rahime J
    Rahime J

    Virgo. Love this look. You're beautiful.

  • Vanesa Mendoza
    Vanesa Mendoza


  • TheGlamKat

    I felt that so much the part with your mom. So scary & sad. I’m glad she was able to go and support you!❤️ Gemini ♊️ Instagram Theglamkat 💕

  • Ka’ili Aloha S
    Ka’ili Aloha S

    youre so gorgeous 😍Happy belated birthday ! Aries ♈️

  • Chiquis -
    Chiquis -

    I’m glad you had fun on your birthday boo! I just turned 21 in August but Homegirl is pregnant so I have to wait to party after my baby girl is born 😩♥️😂 - Soy Leo 🦁

  • Laura Juarez
    Laura Juarez

    Omg! The mole had my laughing so hard. Gorgeous look!

  • Happy To Help
    Happy To Help

    Everyone *relating to alcohol* Me “this is a nice look wow” Taurus ♉️ Your mom and your relationship is so beautiful 🥺💛

  • Michelle Bravo
    Michelle Bravo

    Now I wanna try patron for my 21st bday in two days lol ❤️❤️ I’m a Libra btw

  • Aleidy !! Britoo
    Aleidy !! Britoo

    U still look amazing 😉 and Happy Birthday Daisy, q dios te siga bendiciendo🙌🏼luv ya😘 “Gemini ♊️ “

  • Maria Orozco
    Maria Orozco

    Beautiful!! ♋️

  • Nazeela Khair
    Nazeela Khair

    The story you told about your mom absolutely broke my heart especially bc I have so many fam members in the same situation:( Sagittarius ♐️

  • Jelin Dancel
    Jelin Dancel

    I’m a Libra too!! ♎️ also I loved this look omg, girl u snatched 💞

  • briana

    ♓️ pisces baby . 🦋 loved this look!! hopefully your lip is better now :(

  • Yanna Elise
    Yanna Elise

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    Lizette P

    Happy Birthday Beauitiful!! God bless you and your momma !! 🙏🏼💖 Gemini !! ♊🥰❤

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    Stephanie Sankar

    Aquarius ♒️ happy birthday glad you enjoy your special day

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    Veronica Cabrera

    Happy birthday Daisy!!!! Best wishes, cheers to many more success! 🥂🌸 💕 Scorpio ♏️

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    Savannah R

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  • Leslie Cano
    Leslie Cano

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  • Dezmariah Trujillo
    Dezmariah Trujillo

    You are so cute girly and always making me laugh 😂❤️😍😍 Cancer ♋️ ✨

  • Nareeya Vang
    Nareeya Vang

    LIBRA GANGGGG✨✨💖 my birthday is October 2nd☺️ happy birthday beautiful lady. I’ve been supporting for a very long time now and watching you grow is spectacular. I love you’re bright soul.

  • Giselle Sanchez
    Giselle Sanchez

    I'm a Sagittarius ♐️ 💕💕💕 And ugh, I would love to win your palette! I've been wanting to use it and create some bomb eyeshadow looks ! 💙💙💙 But I love you daisy, and you look so beautiful like always!

    • Paola Zamora
      Paola Zamora

      Im a Pisces ♓ and I love how u recreated the look ❤️

  • Puentess 54
    Puentess 54

    Busted lip and everything but still as beautiful Daisy!!😍😍😍 Libra ♎️😉😉

  • Jossy

    Love your makeup 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Libra ♎️

  • shanny Medina
    shanny Medina

    Aww the way you care about ur mom .. the fact u said you would go with her is everythinggg