Daisy Marquez
I officially left LA after 4 years and here's why...In today's video I explain as to why I decided to leave Los Angeles and why I'm moving from California back to Texas. Also, I take ya'll with me house hunting in Texas!!

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ARTIST COUTURE - daisymarquez

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Camera: Canon 70D

Thank you so much for watching, I love you flowers🌼💞

*if you're reading this comment Kris Jenner liked your instagram picture to confuse people* 😂

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  • Marcela Onyx
    Marcela Onyx

    Congratulations 🎉 on choosing your mental health and your family.

  • Maxine Vela
    Maxine Vela

    Chill with the filler 🤮

  • _23Nostalgia _
    _23Nostalgia _


  • Isä Flores
    Isä Flores

    Tell me why IRglo didn't notify me for any of daisy's vids for the past 4 fucking months 😤 and im just now seeing she just moved back to Dallas honeyyyyy come see me at the galleria! Lmaoooo

  • Chelsea Gomez
    Chelsea Gomez

    Kris Jenner liked my Instagram picture! IYKYK

  • David Danoite
    David Danoite

    Invite Louie and all your PERRA friends 😭😭😭

  • mireya

    Her cheeks looks different 😩

  • Arianna Rodriguez
    Arianna Rodriguez

    Can you do a video about meditation/crystals please !

  • val luc
    val luc


  • Alexus Zepeda
    Alexus Zepeda

    4th house

  • cinay castillo
    cinay castillo


  • His Wifey
    His Wifey


  • maria ortega
    maria ortega


  • Jaspreet Kaur
    Jaspreet Kaur

    4th housee

  • Brenda Jaramillo
    Brenda Jaramillo

    Omg you should make this a challenge “all influencers leave LA”

  • Teresa Cardona
    Teresa Cardona

    I didn’t even notice her cheeks🙄if anything y’all are being over dramatic 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Tita Rodriguez
    Tita Rodriguez

    The fourth house is so pretty! 🏡😍😍😍

  • lorena

    Me being a month late lol but definitely 5th house, remember you can change everything and anything about the house except the location!

  • Brandy Martinez
    Brandy Martinez

    Wait I thought daisy already bought a home ...? Am I missing something?

    • Jazmyn Nunez
      Jazmyn Nunez

      Same i was confused

  • Crystal Jara
    Crystal Jara

    4th for sure !!!

  • Agi Montanez
    Agi Montanez

    Omg mini bagels are the best!

  • Joss Ramirez
    Joss Ramirez

    4th house Periodt lol

  • anelia castro
    anelia castro

    I love the 4th house !

  • Brianna Alvarado
    Brianna Alvarado

    The 4th!

  • Diana Becerril
    Diana Becerril

    Am I trippin?? Didn’t she post a video of an empty house tour lol she was like laying on the little kitchen island...🥴 am I crazy ? Lol

  • Avilene Luis
    Avilene Luis

    Checkout my page lol

  • Leyda Costilla Llanas
    Leyda Costilla Llanas

    4th house

  • Estefania Garcia
    Estefania Garcia


  • Danicienta

    What happened to her face ??!!! 😱😱😱

  • paloma shepherd
    paloma shepherd

    Why are all the comments about how she looks ... focus on the main point of the video and mind your business about her looks. It’s not like commenting rude shit or saying she overdid it is going to change anything so why bother? She looks great to me and if she feels great about herself that is all that matters .

  • Britney cordero
    Britney cordero

    Who also thinks that her voice is so peacefully and satisfying 💛

  • Denisse

    4th house!!

  • Yagirlalicia

    Move to lake ridge ! It’s gated it’s near cedar hill

  • Stephanie Cadillac
    Stephanie Cadillac

    Kylie??? Lol

  • Cathy Rodriguez
    Cathy Rodriguez

    4th house

  • Jasmine Renae
    Jasmine Renae

    4th house!

  • Nikki Baker
    Nikki Baker

    4th house

  • Teresa Nieto
    Teresa Nieto

    Does anyone knows daisys new P.O. Box 🥺🥺🥺

  • Arely Lopez
    Arely Lopez

    I live like an hour away from LA and never understood why it’s so touristy and hyped up, it’s literally nothing glorifying about it. What would make someone want to go to LA???

  • Bree

    4th House for sure! This is why I want to move to Texas. The houses are so beautiful!

  • Klarissa R.
    Klarissa R.

    I need these pjs if y’all ladies know where to get some please lmk (: Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

  • Marie Robles
    Marie Robles

    Go with the safer option. You will feel more comfortable that way.

  • Teyler Leigh
    Teyler Leigh

    Can’t wait til I’m @ this point where I feel I can move back to Dallas 😩😩😩

  • Miguel Reyes
    Miguel Reyes

    Beauty get so much in you females heads ..you even change your head .. literally (fillers injections )..pobresitas

  • Dulce Sanjuan
    Dulce Sanjuan

    Daisy stop with the surgery u LOOK BOTCHED

  • Isabella Dominguez
    Isabella Dominguez

    Make a video on manifestation and crystals🥺

  • Nat

    Girl.. you literally look like Micheal Jackson 😐

  • Adriana Plaza
    Adriana Plaza

    4th house!

  • Kimberly Cruz
    Kimberly Cruz

    the 4th one!!

  • Laura Perez
    Laura Perez

    12:20-12:25 LOLOLOL

  • A M Q
    A M Q

    I wonder what really happened that caused her to leave

  • Keem

    That fourth house is such a HOME 😍 modern but so you too

  • Kristi

    The weak narcissus laparoscopically mark because refrigerator ostensibly follow apropos a honorable plier. red, neighborly kilogram

  • Kaylee Cleone
    Kaylee Cleone


  • Jennifer Jannette
    Jennifer Jannette

    The fourth house !!

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    The shiny creature laterally examine because save optionally complain through a substantial course. lonely, horrible fiberglass

  • Veronica Miramontes
    Veronica Miramontes

    4th house is absolutely beautiful!! 😍

  • alejandra peraza
    alejandra peraza

    4th house I hope I’m not to late

  • Amanda

    LA is definitely for young influencers. Dallas is such an adult city. So much to do...for grown people.

  • christina minasyan
    christina minasyan

    omg thank you for donating to Armenia!!!! means so much :')

  • Jessica Reyna
    Jessica Reyna


  • Joe Toodeep
    Joe Toodeep

    Hood house winning

  • Yesenia Ibarra
    Yesenia Ibarra

    The fourth house for sure !!!!!!!!!!

  • lizlikewhatt

    it's not LA, it's the industry you're in. Happy for you though :)

  • Jessica Paige
    Jessica Paige

    4th house YESSS😍

  • Daisyy _
    Daisyy _

    4th house is the best

  • LGee

    4th house

  • jen her
    jen her

    👀 those cheekbones make you look like 💀 tone them down girlie you don’t need them!

  • V L
    V L

    It seemed like all of those houses weren't it. Maybe keep looking until you find the one that feels 100% right. ❤️❤️

  • strawberry fields
    strawberry fields

    Your jaw looks botched

  • Michelle Angelina
    Michelle Angelina

    LA story times would be fun to watch🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Jay H
    Jay H

    The 4th house!!! Sorry but I live in a bad neighborhood and we don’t got houses like thaaaat lol so I’d say with a good security system you’ll be good 💜

  • Alondra Ulloa
    Alondra Ulloa

    4th house

  • Jeanette Diaz
    Jeanette Diaz

    4th forsure!!!

  • Chief Keef
    Chief Keef

    any neighborhood in dallas isn’t safe sis, you should know that by now 😂

  • Evelyn Marin
    Evelyn Marin

    Definitely the 4th house

  • Lydia Rosales
    Lydia Rosales

    Just build your own house like Les do makeup did in El Paso Texas

  • Sarah Rose Alonzo
    Sarah Rose Alonzo

    D town baby!!!!

  • Patita

    Her face 😮😱

  • S O
    S O

    You blocked me on instagram on ur main account and i had never even DMd you or commented on your posts :( kinda hurt tbh

  • ɕαɾίηα ɡɕς
    ɕαɾίηα ɡɕς

    I’m late but the 4th!!!! Me gusta más que las otras 💖

  • Alika Lopez
    Alika Lopez

    4th house it just goes with you I feel

  • Jazmyne . G
    Jazmyne . G

    4th house !

  • Janet Garcia
    Janet Garcia

    Going home is always good for our mental health ❤️

  • Jackie Miranda
    Jackie Miranda


  • Alanis Rodriguez
    Alanis Rodriguez

    House number four is beautiful! 😍

  • Guadalupe Murguia Mendoza
    Guadalupe Murguia Mendoza

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  • Guadalupe Murguia Mendoza
    Guadalupe Murguia Mendoza

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    Alicia Hernandez

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  • daiagarb

    Your first problem is ur new age belief. Why not pray and grab ur Bible.

  • Yessenia Gutierrez
    Yessenia Gutierrez

    You’re beautiful and you honestly don’t need lip fillers or anything adjusted on your cheeks bc you look way better without that stuff sorry

  • Y M
    Y M

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    L h

    What happened to her other house?

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    Michelle Herrera

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    Eliza Vasquez

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    Alexis Sanchez

    Definitely the fourth house. Just get security cameras ! It’s exactly what you want and big and looks like it’ll be a very homey cozy houses !

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    Stephanie Flores

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    Denise Perez

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    Vanessa Vega

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